The Hills Restaurant & Bar

Caribbean Cuisine on a Guyanese Plate

Caribbean Cuisine With Guyanese Flavor

—  Eat—

 Caribbean dishes that capture the flavors of Guyana!
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We Serve Greens!

Call us to find out which ones are on the menu today!
[i.e., Callaloo, Okra, Boulanger (Eggplant), Pumpkin, Bhora, Cabbage, Carailla, Bok Choy, Spinach,]


—  Fried or Roast Bake  —


—  Bakes w/ Filling—

Salt Fish, Smoked Herring, Spinach, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Eggs w/ Sausage, or Corned Beef

Eggs w/ Sausage and Liver

—  Metem Gee  —

Ground Vegetables, Onions, Peppers, Tomatoes, & Spices in Coconut Milk
Sm-$8 | Med-$10 | Lg-$12

—  Porridge  —

Cornmeal, Oats, Banana, Custard
Sm-$3 | Lg-$6


—  Beef Patty, Cheese Roll, Pine Tart, Pone  —

—  Egg Ball  —

—  Cheese Straw, Fish Cake, Pholourie, Mitai  —

Lunch | Dinner

- Seafood -

Fried Shark
Fried Banga Mary
Fish Cakes
served with white rice or rice & beans, plantains, & steamed vegetables
Curry Shrimp

Sm-$8 | Lg $12
Hassar Curry
(Exotic South American Catfish)
Brown Stewed or Steamed Snapper
Sm-$12 | Lg-$15

— Meat —

served with white rice or rice & beans

Curry Chicken
Sm-$7 | Med-$10 | Lg-$12

Curry Goat
Sm-$7 | Med-$10 | Lg-$12

Pepper Pot
Sm-$10 | Lg-$20

Sm-$12 | Lg-$15

Jerk Chicken
Sm-$7 | Med-$10 | Lg-$12

Jerk Pork
Sm-$7 | Med-$10 | Lg-$12

Barbecue Chicken
Sm-$7 | Med-$10 | Lg-$12

Chicken Fry Rice

Chicken Fry Rice

—  Rice  —

Cook-Up Rice
Chicken, Beef, Tripe, Smoked Turkey
Sm-$7 | Med-$10 | Lg-$12

Chicken Fry Rice
Chicken, Stir-Fried Vegetables
Sm-$7 | Med-$10 | Lg-$12

Vegetable Fry Rice
Stir-Fried Vegetables
Sm-$6 | Med-$9 | Lg-$11

— Chow mein —

Vegetable Lo Mein
Sm-$6 | Med-$9 | Lg-$11

Chicken Lo Mein
Sm-$7 | Med-$10 | Lg-$12


Macaroni Pie

[Pickle made of meat (Chicken or Cow Foot), vegetables and seasoning in a spicy broth]

(Soup made from pureed split peas and spices)
Sm-$2 | Med-$3 | Lg-$6

(Chick peas Sauteed with Spices)
Sm-$2 | Lg-$5

(Buttery and Tender Indian Flatbread)
Plain-$2 | Chicken-$8 | Goat-$8

Dhal Puri
(Roti stuffed with Ground Split Peas)
Plain-$3 | Chicken-$9 | Goat-$9


Vanilla Custard
Bread Pudding
Vermicelli Cake

(A Vermicelli noodle based dessert consisting of nutmeg, cinnamon, milk, and various other spices)