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A Vision transformed

There were no silver spoons in sight for Doris Rodney, who was born and raised in Guyana.

She knew early on that she wanted more than what her environment had to offer, so at a very young age, she set out to find ways of providing for her family, while working towards a better future for them all.

Her love of cooking, her drive, determination, and innovative spirit are what contributed to where she is today as a businesswoman.

In the 1980's, Doris made note of all incoming flights to Guyana, cooked large quantities of food, positioned herself on the pavement directly in front of the airport, and waited for passengers to exit. Within moments, her food was sold out!!

After moving to the United States of America in the early 1990's, in addition to full time jobs, she’d cook on the weekends and invite people to her home to buy food. That too was a hit!

Doris worked very hard for twenty years and after experiencing sweat, tears, and tremendous adversities, her lifelong dream of owning a restaurant became reality!

The Hills Restaurant has been in business since July of 2009 and is still going strong!

Doris Rodney, Owner of The Hills

Cooking with Love!

Doris Rodney, Owner of The Hills Restaurant & Bar..

Over the years, Doris organized many "give-back" events such as her annual Father's Day "Recognition of Fathers In Our Community" Family Fun Day in the park, her annual "Thank You To Our Supporters" Bash where customers and supporters are acknowledged and her annual "Santa 4 The Kidz" Christmas party where toys are given to children 2-12 years old and the entire family can eat, drink and dance together.

Doris says, “I am extremely appreciative for my loyal customers and everyone who supports my reality that was once a dream. My mission is to keep on growing and continuing to provide you with great food, a sense of community, and love!